The Cellars


  • Wine Cellar
    • This cellar has some relaxing seating and a footstool; a CD player with a selection of CDs; a TV with a selection of DVDs; books and games.
    • Of course it also has lots of wines… please bring your own unless you wish to purchase a bottle or two of mine (Just call or text me!)
    • Feel free to use this facility as and when you wish to but please be careful with any candles and make sure to switch off lights before retiring to bed
  • The Football Cellar
    • This contains the new (and quite expensive) football table for your enjoyment
    • Please use it with care and consideration and make sure not to lose any of the balls
    • There is also a selection of board games here and the cellar is also used for storage of other items – some of which may be of interest and/or use to you
    • Please cover the football table after use

Montelimar - Table Football

  • The Washing Cellar
    • This contains the washing machine, tumble dryer and also contains the freezer
    • It is also used as the store for various cleaning materials
  • The Dark Cellar
    • This cellar stores various tools and spare bulbs – useful to know!
  • The End Cellar
    • This where the golf equipment is stored
    • There is also a portable hanging rail here and access to the front garden drive

Montelimar - Tea for two...