The Pool



  • The pool is heated – I have set it to a maximum of 27c (although on a sunny day the temperature will rise beyond this level) . Please do not try to adjust the heat without first speaking with me!
  • As the heater is working full-time it is vital that you cover the pool each evening to minimise heat loss. Covering the pool is incredibly easy – See video clip below.
  • Please ensure that young children are supervised adequately when in and around the swimming pool
  • The pool will be serviced on a regular basis – you need do nothing at all with it. Any problems, just call me
  • There is a pool “robot” which will remove grit, leaves and twigs from the pool. This is very easy to operate – See video clip below.  Again, any problems, just call me).
  • There are two water features by the pool: the small one to the side is just for cosmetic purposes – turn on the tap and let the water flow as you wish; the other tap at the wall end of the pool provides drinking water and water for the plants (of course this is expensive water, so please by all means enjoy it but do use it carefully)
  • We would appreciate it if you could from time to time water any potted plants (if they are alive at all) in the garden.
  • There is a variety of pool-side chairs, beds and recliners available and should be in or around the pool area – please use them at your leisure but pack them away (under the BBQ roof) if there is likely to be rain
  • Sun canopy – see below



Pool Towels, Seat Cushions and Sun Canopy

  • The seat cushions for the various outside chairs are usually stored in one of the large plastic storage containers (in and around the house/garden) – good luck at sorting out which cushions go with which chairs!
  • There is a selection of pool-side towels on the rack in the hall
  • There are also some poolside ‘mattresses’ stored in the storage containers
  • Please make sure that the manual sun canopy is not left openwhen it is windy – or at night before you go to bed (the Mistral emerges quite ‘out of the blue’ at times)
  • And, finally, there is a picnic basket with a selection of unbreakable cutlery – again, stored in the cellars – feel free to use this around the pool or on an away-day!