The Gardens

Montelimar - Front Garden and Garage

  • The front gates can be operated from inside the property by any of the following methods:
    • Using the controls to the left hand-side of the gates
    • Using the remote control (small white “Nice” remote) – top button
    • Using the control panel on the intercom in the front hall: there are 3 buttons in a row – the top button opens/closes both gates (the other buttons do not operate).
  • The “Nice” remote control also operates the garden lights – bottom button – bring this remote with you when driving as it makes re-entry to the house a little less stressful.
  • To open the gates from the outside (without the remote control) just use the key-socket to the right-hand side of the gates (it takes one of the smallest key on your bunch of house-keys!)
  • There is an automatic sprinkler system in the garden; it will operate regularly; I’m not always sure what times or days (so don’t panic if you hear water – the pipes haven’t sprung a leak!)
  • The rear garden/pool spot-lights are controlled by 2 switches just inside the back door.
  • The wall-mounted pool flood-lights are controlled by a switch just inside the barbeque covered area
  • The side-patio floodlight switch (which will provide light to the outside al-fresco dining area) is on the  inside/right-hand side of the small window opening under the kitchen window.
  • The blue spots within the shrubs on each side of the front steps are controlled by the switch in the hall just inside the front door
  • Please ensure that all lights are switched off in the evening and when you leave…!

The front Veranda

  • My favourite spot for a glass of wine in the evening (although sitting under the lights by pool comes a close second!); the sunset is beautiful and when the stars come out it is quite special

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