Kitchen, Cooking and Washing


  • The kitchen has just about everything you will require – so make yourself at home.
  • The instruction booklet for the microwave is on top of the unit itself
  • Please feel free to use any food items that are in the house (OK – wine excluded!) – there is a full range of condiments, teas, coffees, tinned food, pastas… feel free to use whatever is there
  • The cooker has a gas hob and 2 electric ovens. Please use soft cloths only when cleaning the hob surfaces
  • There is a selection of saucepans, frying pans and oven-dishes. They are stored in the drawers to the side of the cooker or in the drawers at the base of the cooker.
  • There is a griddle sitting on the counter to the right of the cooker.
    • To use: just place it on top of the cooker over the two gas jets to the right, the griddle until should fit snugly
  • There are 2 bins in the kitchen – one for general waste and one for recycling (further details on fridge door)


  • To start a wash programme, simply turn both knobs to the “off” position; then turn the one on the left to “on” and select the programme you require using the knob on the right.
  • There should be dish-washer tablets (+ salt, etc.) under the sink.
  • Place the dishwasher tablet into the cutlery basket – the small unit for taking the tablets doesn’t always open properly.
  • Try to avoid rice particles from getting into and blocking the spraying mechanism – clean off plates before filling the baskets!


  • There should be sufficient crockery, cutlery and glasses for at least 8 persons. Most of the crockery is stored in one of the pine cabinets in the dining room; more items are stored in the various cabinets in the kitchen.
  • With people coming and going throughout the season it is likely that some items will end up in different cabinets … so make sure to check everywhere!



  • The fridge in the kitchen is an excellent storage unit. Please dispose of any perishables before you leave.
  • There is a small freezer in the cellar (near the washing machine) – it is already switched on and should be empty when you get there

Washing Machine/Dryer/Cleaning Materials

  • Both the washing machine and dryer are situated in one of the cellars
  • Hopefully  there will be a selection of washing powders and conditioners available but we cannot guarantee as it really depends on whether the previous guests have left any behind
  • There should also be a supply of toilet paper and kitchen rolls, and some miscellaneous cleaning items in one of the cellars – again this really depends on whether the previous guests have replenished stocks before departing!
  • There is a selection of cleaning materials, mops, cloths and brushes – also in the cellars.