Internet and TVs


  • There are two telephone handsets – one in the main bedroom and one in the office (if the phone rings it may be just me or a double-glazing salesman – no need to panic…probably best to ignore it!)
  • The Wi-Fi ‘box’ is located in the main bedroom; this location generates the best reception!
  • If there is an electrical storm please unplug the WiFi – and the TV and your laptop – as there is a risk of a power-surge which could do a lot of damage (it happened once to my laptop!)
  • There is a Wi-Fi extension in the hall on the ground floor to ensure that the entire house is Wi-Fi enabled
  • To connect just insert the pass-code (i.e., Cle de Securite) – “montelimar2017” into your computer when prompted. It sometimes takes a few patient attempts to achieve success here.

Main TV – Satellite TV/DVD/Blu-Ray/CDs

  • There are 3 TV sets in the house but only the main TV in the sitting room is connected to receive TV channels. The others can be used to play either DVDs, Blu-Rays or CDs.
  • The main TV is the Samsung 55″ Curved TV in the sitting room.
    • This TV is connected to a sound bar
    • The sound bar also plays DVDs, Blu-Rays and CDs
    • The TV is operated by the “Samsung” remote control
    • The sound-bar is operated by the “LG” remote control
    • The TV is also connected to a satellite dish – so one more remote control to deal with (Sorry!)
    • The satellite dish (Sedea/HDM14) is operated by the small black “Sedea” remote control and offers all the main UK TV channels – BBC, ITV, Channel 4 along with Film 4 etc. This is the small black box sitting on the table under the TV
  • To operate… this may be a little bit daunting at first but you’ll soon get the hang of it!
    • Use the Samsung remote to activate the TV
    • Use the LG remote to activate the sound-bar
    • Use the Sedea remote to activate the Sedea channels
    • Now, return to the Samsung remote and using the “Source” button (top right) select which source you wish to utilise: TV, DVD, or Sedea
    • Return to the LG remote and ensure that it is in “Optical” mode by either using the “Function” button (top right) or just clicking the Optical/TV button to the right of the volume button
    • Give it a little bit of time to warm up (a few seconds) and you’ll be in…
    • Navigate the channels using the appropriate remote control – Sedea/ HDM14 – (pointing it to the small black box on the table just under the TV)
    • To play a DVD or Blu-Ray or CD just slot the disc into the space at the top of the sound-bar (do not force it – make sure that there slot is empty by pressing the “Open/Close” button on the top of the LG  remote control first!)
    • To close down, just turn off each of the remote controls!

Attic TV – DVD/Blue Ray/CDs

  • The main TV in the attic is a Panasonic 55″ flat screen.
    • This TV in NOT connected to the Satellite dishes so no TV channels are available to you but…
    • This TV is connected to a Panasonic DVD/Blu-Ray/CD player
    • There are 2 Panasonic remote controls – see the bottom of each to know which remote control refers to the TV and which refers to the disc player
  • To operate:
    • Using each remote control simply switch the power “on”
    • Using the Disc player control click the open/close button (top right) to open the disc holder
    • Insert a DVD, Blu-Ray or CD of your choice and click “play”
    • You can use the Disc-player remote control to control the sound (See TV button at top)
    • To close down, just turn off each of the remote controls!  .

Wine Cellar TV

  • Wine Cellar: There is a TV/DVD in the wine cellar – this set plays DVDs only and there is a selection of sporting DVDS on hand nearby (DVDs are inserted into the slot to the left-hand side of the screen); if the remote control is not nearby you will have to operate manually using the panel to the right hand side of the TV unit.
  • There is a huge selection of DVDs near each TV – enjoy them

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