General Information and Utilities

General Information

  • When you first arrive it would be a good idea to give the entire house a “once-over”… check each light-switch to see which lights they refer to; check out each drawer in the kitchen – you may be surprised at what you find; each wardrobe, etc. This will help to de-mystify the house and its workings!
  • There are umpteen local brochures, booklets and travel guides available to you on the bookcase in the hall (to the right after the hall table)
  • Always remember that you are in a house that is over 120 years old – things sometimes go wrong and there will be the odd cobweb here and there!
  • I recently had the wood floors in the sitting room and dining room re-varnished: they look quite nice now. If possible could you ensure that your group avoids wearing dirty shoes on these floors – I have supplied a shoe holder just inside the front door along with some woolly socks. Feel free to use these as and when required. Otherwise, please make use of the mats to clean shoes which will have gathered some grit from the front drive.



  • The electricity is already switched on (it should never be switched off as the fridge and freezer are in constant use)
  • The water supply is already turned on
  • The hot water/emersion is already switched on
  • The gas is already turned on (the gas bottles are outside under the counter by the barbeque). If one of the gas bottles empties, just switch to the other gas bottle.
    • Shut off the empty bottle (by turning the bottle-top clockwise)
    • Disconnect the bottle, ready for replacement; then,
    • Open the other bottle (by turning the bottle-top anti-clockwise);
    • You may need to turn the white dial on the wall behind the gas-bottles so that it is pointing to the fuller gas-bottle
    • Contact me so that I can ensure the empty bottle is replaced ASAP
  • The central heating is already switched on (if you need it, just use the thermostat on the wall in the kitchen/dining room); there are two portable heaters – usually stored in one of the cellars.
  • Air-conditioning – see further below…

Air Conditioning

  • There are air-conditioning  units in each bedroom (including the attic), the main hall (ground-floor and 1st floor landing), and in the “office” above the garage. Each unit is operated by a hand-held remote control which should be nearby;
  • The AC units also operate as heaters for the Winter months
  • The remote controls should be easy enough to work out…
  • There is also a portable air-fan upstairs.

Ardeche Gorge - Village Cottage