The Car + Bicycles, Golf Clubs and Games


Montelimar - Car and House


  • Please notify me in advance if you wish to use the car (The car is usually parked in the garage; the car keys are on the hall table.). I will try to make it available to you (unless I need it myself)
  • The car is almost 20 years old and it shows; the reclining roof needs to be opened and closed with a degree of care. I will demonstrate this to you when you arrive (or alternatively we can discuss over the phone). Do not try to open or close the reclining roof while parked in the garage!
  • Please be aware that there are many hidden speed cameras in and around Montelimar so it would be wise to stick to the speed limits. (If you are planning to use my car then please be aware that I may not be around to check the post and so if you do get a speeding ticket I will not know until some weeks after you have left and it is likely that the fine will be quite high as you will be treated as a “late payer”. This should not happen; but you’ve been warned!)
  • Also, there is a new rule that every motorist must have at least two unused breathalyzer test packs in his/her car at any one time.
  • When entering the house driveway it is easier and safer to enter by turning left (i.e., by approaching the house from the Montelimar-town side – using the outside lane of the main road) rather than turning right (from the inside lane). I recommend that if you are approaching the house from the inside-lane direction that you drive towards Montelimar town (i.e., pass the house on your right) to the roundabout (200 meters ahead) and return towards the house to enter the gate by the outside lane. Trust me this will make more sense when you get there!

Montelimar - Golf Course (002)

Bicycles/Golf Clubs/Tennis Racquets/Games

  • There are bicycles in the garage – use them at your leisure
  • There are some wonderful cycling routes that I can recommend – just ask and see maps below
  • There is an exercise-bike in the attic – mainly for use during the cold winter months.
  • There are a few sets of golf clubs – one left handed – and one trolley. Again, feel free to use them at your leisure (you can also hire sets of clubs at the golf course)
  • The golf club – Domaine de la Valdaine – is just 3km away (turn left out of the house – towards Montboucher). The golf course is beautifully maintained. The practice facilities are excellent and the 19th hole is well worth a visit.
  • There are some tennis racquets and tennis balls in the garage – There are tennis courts all over. Enjoy
  • There are also 2 sets of French boules in the garage – the driveway works well as a court!
  • There is a large selection of board games in book case in the sitting-room and in the cellars – scrabble is our favorite (as you might guess from the equipment we have)

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