Weather – BBQ – Language – Etc.

The Mistral

  • One of the “charms” of the area is the Mistral (the wind blowing from the Alps down the Rhone Valley) which blows/flaps from time to time. Just beware of the risk of doors/windows slamming closed. You’ll notice this a lot when opening the back door (to the pool)

Ardeche - Poppies Dancing

Log Fires/Barbeque

  • Indoor Fire: If it does get cold, feel free to light a log fire – the logs are by the garage and there is a large axe for you to work with; there is also an outdoor Fire Basket which takes logs. You can also purchase pre-cut logs and kindling at the local supermarket or garden centre
  • Outdoor Fire-pit – Easy to light and easy to manage. Use the same logs as are available for the indoor fire. Just take care with sparks and please make sure the fire is out before you go to bed (the logs can stay alight for longer than you would expect!)
  • The barbeque is there for you to enjoy – the utensils are hanging outside – you will probably want to clean them first!

Walking to Montelimar Town

  • At present, when entering Montelimar from our side of town, the initial impression is not particularly encouraging – many of the shops have now relocated to one of the out-of-town shopping centres leaving many vacant shops. This particualr quarter of town is in need of a revival and a make-over!
  • But please persist when walking because the rest of town is vibrant. Hopefully, over the coming years, the shops will be refurbished and brought to life again – like other parts of Montelimar.
  • I recommend that when visiting the town on foot that once you have crossed the bridge you take a left and walk along the path above the river (which will be to your left) and enter town using the road opposite the Bodhran Irish pub.


  • Although Montelimar has many tourists, you will only rarely hear English spoken and many of the locals just don’t speak it. There is an extensive selection of French/English dictionaries on the bookcase in the hall – exciting or what? Give it a go…